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New website

This website was renewed and should now be easier to follow and view on mobile devices.

Does Zimmer dump the suspicious Durom prosthesis on the African market?

Since I four years ago reported about the apparent problems that Zimmer had with it’s Durom prosthesis and Zimmer kept denying this has Zimmer now in all quietness removed all information on the Durom from all their international websites, making it look as if the Durom never even existed. No historic information on the Durom […]

Biomet moving

The Dutch manufacturer of prostheses Biomet has moved it’s production from Sjöbo in Skåne /Sweden to Valence in France, see: Biomet produktion flyttas

Operation no longer paid for by the patient

In the news on Swedish radio and TV a minister told that patients will in the future no longer be required to first pay for their operations performed in Europe and then apply for a refund. In stead ”Försäkringskassan” in the county in question will take care of the financial part with the medical service […]


A new page is now available, uniquely showing most of the hip resurfacing types that are in use. This page takes up the subject of hemi-arthroplasty that some surgeons use, even today! Please read what this may have for consequences, see: Manufacturers.