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Blood plasma better than Cortisone!

Recent research has shown that treatment with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma, derived from a patient's own blood through centrifuging) for chronical problem with joints, tendons and muscles gives a more effektive and longer lasting effect than Cortisone. On top of the better effects with PRP the patient can now also avoid the disadvantages that synthetical Cortisone […]

Yet another advantage of Hip Resurfacing: Mortality rates lower than with other hip prosthesis!

Dödligheten lägre än vid alla andra höftproteser!

A study performed in England whereby the results from hip patients over a 10 year period were taken and the MOM (metal-on metal) prostheses  were compared with the standard THR prostheses showed a clear disadvantage for persons with THR prostheses. People with a Hip Resurfacing have in other words a higher chance to survive! See:

Fifth ”Advanced Hip Resurfacing Course”

Many orthopedic surgeons from all over the world involved in Hip Resurfacing will meet during this course that is held from the 13th-16th of June in Ghent, Belgium, see:

There were 150 participants, we now wait for the ”proceedings” of the course…

Dr. De Smet shows that the BHR even surpasses the THR in quality!

With the most recent EFORT meeting in Berlin information from Dr. De Smet was submitted showing that the BHR prothesis from Smith & Nephew surpasses the THR in quality, even if the THR still classes as the “Golden Standard” for hip replacements! See:

Large ceramic THR heads

The prosthesis manufacturer Finsbury now supplies a series of THR prostheses with ceramic heads in the sizes 32 to 48mm (and the matching acetabular cups). For patients where hip resurfacing and BMHR no longer are regarded suitable the transfer to THR will be more attractive and known problems like luxation fewer due to the increasing […]

Women can only be operated abroad

As I predicted and wrote here 10-30-2010 have the Swedish surgeons meanwhile fully adopted last year’s recommendation from the Swedish hip arthroplasty register to refuse all women hip resurfacing. Contact with women since then has proven that surgeons accept this recommendation without questioning why the low results with women in Sweden do not occur with […]

Bilateral operations

A new article from the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research with the heading “Bilateral hip arthroplasty: is 1-week staging the optimum strategy?” gives some interesting information on the results found using different intervals with bilateral hip operations, see: