Dr. Raimund Voelker

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Dr. Raimund VoelkerAs specialist Dr. Voelker focuses exclusively on the hip joint. His years of experience and involvement in the ongoing scientific development in this field will benefit you as patient in your every day clinical activity.
The specialist’s competent and complete diagnosis, using modern and accurate imaging techniques, gives you security and a feeling of trust. The treatment concept at the clinics where Dr. Voelker operates includes specific surgical procedures and conservative therapy solutions that are tailored to your own health situation.
Additional to the care of the patients the application of a modern, research-based surgical technique is regarded indispensible within our medical practice.

Dr Raimund Voelker
Career record:
After graduating from the Canisius College in Berlin, Dr. Voelker studied at the Free University in Berlin. He studied abroad at the Surgical Clinic in Prague / Czech Republic and at the Mount Sinai School in New York, USA. He worked in orthopedics at the Oskar-Helene-Heim with Prof. Dr. U. Weber. In 1991, Dr. Voelker began surgical training with Prof. H.-D. Clevert at the DRK Hospitals in Berlin, the academic teaching hospital of the Charité Berlin. The training included extensive abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, lung surgery, trauma surgery and sports medicine. In 1998, Dr. Voelker acquired the specialist term for surgery. The PhD at the Charité Berlin responded to the change in the Gallenwegschirurgie. Later, he obtained the additional qualification in sports medicine.

As a surgical physician Dr. Voelker gathered much experience in the tissue-endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical technique. Since 2003, intensified cooperation with Prof. M. Faensen, director of the Center for hip resurfacing in the DRK Clinics Berlin. Increasingly, trauma surgery was at the center of the surgical work Dr. Voelker performed, now he is exclusively devoted to modern hip surgery.
In November 2008 Dr. Voelker promoted hip resurfacing as a premiere new hip replacement trend, in which only a portion of the diseased femoral head is replaced.

Email: info@dr-voelker.eu
Website: http://www.dr-voelker.eu/

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Extra information: Dr. Voelker (Völker) använder följande proteser: BHR, BMHR and THR i olika format och eventuellt försedd med ett BHR huvud i metal eller keramik).