De senaste nyheterna

New meeting in Örebro

New meeting in Örebro
The 13th of June and exactly a year since the last meeting all those with hip […]

Preliminary Report of Swedish Hip Registry over 2013

Preliminary Report of Swedish Hip Registry over 2013
A preliminary Annual Report over 2013 from the Swedish Hip Registry is […]

BMHR production stops

BMHR production stops
That Smith & Nephew stops with the production of the well known and successful BMHR (Birmingham Mid-Head […]

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Blood plasma better than Cortisone!

Recent research has shown that treatment with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma, derived from a patient's own blood through centrifuging) for chronical […]

New ‘hippy meeting’, the 14th of June, this time in Tröllhättan

The 14th of June is set as date for our next "hippies" meeting in Trollhättan.
Place: "Fasetten / Kalaskoket" (yes […]

Yet another advantage of Hip Resurfacing: Mortality rates lower than with other hip prosthesis!

Dödligheten lägre än vid alla andra höftproteser!

A study performed in England whereby the results from hip patients over a 10 year period were taken and the […]

New website

This website was renewed and should now be easier to follow and view on mobile devices.

Annual report

The annual report of the Swedish Hip Registry (in Swedish) over the year 2012 was published today, see: www.shpr.se/Libraries/Documents/Arsrapport_2012_WEB.sflb.ashx

Meeting in Upphärad with 5 Nordenhippies members plus another interested person

Late in the morning October the 12th some of us that already have a hip resurfacing and two other persons […]

Meeting in Stockholm between Nordenhippies members, Dr. Völker and other interested

The afternoon and evening Sunday 08-11-2013 about 40 members of the Nordenshippies support group, Dr. Raimund Völker and other interested […]