Hip problems? You no longer have to suffer!

Hip patients are easily caught in our public health system where the standard recommendation is to wait with operation as long as we can bear, but that is wrong! Most of the time a “Hip Resurfacing” can directly give us our active life back, so long the problem is tackled promptly! Furthermore, prostheses of this kind do hold a number of advantages over traditional hip prostheses like: less intrusion in the body, more revision options if needed in the future and the smallest chance of deviations as a result of the operation like leg length discrepancies or foot toe-in or toe-out. But even points like the removal of the bone marrow from the femur and the infection risk in the opened femoral canal with placement of a traditional prosthesis do not occur with Hip Resurfacing! You still have the traditional hip prosthesis as a last resort but to select it and have the femoral neck needlessly sawn off is at the least said not very intelligent!

So why wait from 5 – 20 years with pain and problems and the outlook on a prosthesis that will mean a sure stop for many activities, while a Hip Resurfacing can give you back your active life directly and even spares the leg to a higher degree?

You are welcome to contact me to find out if you can be a candidate for Hip Resurfacing, this with the kind help of some experienced, specialized orthopedic surgeons.

Ron van Mierlo


Everyone with questions before or after a hip operation is welcome to participate in one of my forums. Apart from approaching me personally with your questions it can be fruitful to hear about the experiences of other hip patiens, how and why they did things. Costs of the operation, surgeon selection, problems, rehab, training, suitability for Hip Resurfacing and much more is discussed.

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Here your can find answer for frequently asked questions that are related to hip problems. You can even select a large list with terminology and explanations that can be helpful in this context

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MarianneMarianne C. is just one out of the row of women that managed to secure herself a modern Hip Resurfacing prosthesis across the Swedish borders. In her case it became a BMHR prosthesis in each hip. The BMHR is similar to the well-known BHR prosthesis and has the exact same advantages.

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With a growing group people with a hip problem or already ‘owning’ a hip prosthesis, “hippies” as we sometimes call ourselves, it is welcome to be able and meet. Apart from being able to exchange experiences and discussing our progress or perhaps problems, we can also invite guest talkers and other persons specialized on the hip. August 2013 we met for the first time in a hotel in Stockholm whereby around 40 “hippies” attended plus the hip specialist Dr. Raimund Voelker from München.

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  • Paul R. Arlauskas

    Back in 2006 the amazing Dr. Amstutz resurfaced my right hip at the ripe old age of 46, lol.
    I was very apprehensive because it was new, he was older, and I had to fly back home to Detroit and worry about blood clots.
    Then I saw his big powerful hands and thought, oh yeah he’s an ortho surgeon, imagine the jobs he’s done!
    To save cash we stayed in a dive hotel by the Staple center but later got into a Marriott.
    Dr. Amstutz was/is amazing, he ceated the prodeudre, helped invent the part, and me being a mechanical engineer I could really appreciate what’s involved machine-design-wise.
    He’s a saint!
    All went well.
    It was with the Conserve plus, still under development, I guess, he would push and push the the slow and stupid American FDA to get the part and his procedure apporved, don’t know if that ever happened but I still owe him some “lateral johnson hip xrays and stuff.
    Now at age 62 I’m still kicking 210lb heavybags, biking etc. but now I neeed the same procedure for my left hip, should have them both done but the left was not so bad at the time.
    So my osterarthritis was partly genetic and mostly sports Karate and football, we would really kumite and practice driving yoko geri kicks into heavy bodies holding the heavy bags. )(But now I brag because his procedue allows me to do that. (And yes he was testing hid work, but I can’t brag enough about him.)
    About 8 weeks after my resurfacing I was a litttle shy but Dr. Amstutz said to do everything and I’m stilll doing everything.
    As you all know the pain went away quickly after the wound healed and life was so good.
    Now I’m back to that old psycologigacal funk of neding it done to my other hip.
    I hate this feeling!
    It affects all parts of your life, my matrriage, kids, etc.
    SO WHERE CANI GET THE CONVSERVEPLUS PROCEDURE DONE ON THIS PLANET? (By Amstutz or one of his people like Dr. Schmallerized or Dr. Ball? Sorry if I’m buitchring your names, lol.)
    I live in Michigasn, USA and we flew to LA in 2006 had the procedure, and I was in PT like a week after we got back I think we started with water therapy.
    Had an excellent therspist who was intereted in this procedure because it was very new. Smart girl.
    I was highlty motivated because the pain was gone, the pain meds were gone life was good.
    Do not want the Birmingham part, I remember Amstutz yelling that’s an inferior partsnd procedure! fuck! (I added rhe f-word.)
    So please help me as I go on this rant I will help you in return somehow. Thanks.
    What are everyone;’s thoughts?
    I’m not sure if the Conserve Plus ever made it into mass production, but man it is a good part.
    Rigjht now your talking 16yrs of hard labor with it! and it keeps me straight as in walking, little things you nitce after while, like both legs measuring out the same length
    My left ass cheek is starting to droop like the righ one did prior to surgery.
    When Van Dam did those splits I knew he had hip problems (most Karatikas do) I knew he had it resurfsced to be able to do that 6-8 weeks post op.
    But youir splits are better, all is better, it is time for me.
    Anybody, please help!
    (Sorry about the rsnting and raving…)


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