Celebrities with a hip resurfacing

The Epic Split

That there are celebrities with a hip resurfacing will not surprise anyone but when it involves a person like Jean-Claude Van Damme it gets an extra dimension. As martial arts performer Jean-Claude has since his youth developed into a real celebrity with participation in many films there he shows his high kicks and other spectacular moves.

In februari 2013 Jean-Claude had to give in to hip complaints and underwent hip surgery in Gent where he received a hip resurfacing prosthesis from Dr. Koen De Smet. That a hip resurfacing doesn’t mean a stop for a continued life with sport and high activity is shown by the films that he participated in since then.

One of the spectacular “performances” with his hip resurfacing took place only eight months after the operation in the Volvo Trucks advertising film “The Epic Split”, produced by advertising company Forsman & Bodenfors. It is impressive what Jean-Claude Van Damme shows here, click the photo below to start the video:



Stefan Sauk about hip resurfacing (=”ytersättning”) in SVTs program “Opinion live – EU-val-2019”:

Stefan (a well known stage and TV-artist) does also have a hip resurfacing in his right hip since September 2018 which he talkes about here:

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The professional icehockey player Masi Marjamäki

Masi Marjamäki
Marvelous to be able to continue playing ice hockey after a BHR operation!

Masi Marjamäki was operated March 2014 in München by Dr. Raimund Völker where he received his BHR in the right hip.

The video link that follows shows him at the end of the hockey season spring 2015 and one year after his operation:

Masi Marjamäki in the playoffs, spring 2015

Training speed and control (summer 2016)

Strength training (summer 2016)

Masi in the second season after his BHR operation

Masi sets the first goal december 2015


Earlier prime-minister Göran Persson

Back in time the newspaper Expressen reported about prime-minister Göran Persson’s hip resurfacing operation. At the time the method was still used in Sweden and since many years back. Dr. Lars Nistor who operated him was one of those that sometimes (but not often enough) used the method. See the Expressen article: “Det blir skönt att kunna gå”.