Data over the use of hip resurfacing in Sweden fakta

The picture below shows a table with data over the use of hip resurfacing in Sweden from 1992 and forward. Striking is the difference in the number of traditional hip prostheses and the hip resurfacing prostheses that were used. Even with the peak of 295 patients helped with a hip resurfacing in 2007 Sweden still falls far behind other countries. From all the makes (BHR, BMHR, ASR, Adept, ACCIS, Bionik, Buechel-Pappas, Conserve Plus, Cormet 2000, Durom, Dyna MOM, Icon, Mitch TRH, Onlay, ReCap, MIHR) only few were used and tested in Sweden. The competence and experience with hip resurfacing in Sweden has stayed low and as a consequence also the results with the method have stayed lower than optimal. The method in itself is perfect but requires real specialists that to start with possess a genuine interest and will make sure that they reach high experience through many operations with this prosthesis year after year. The orthopedic surgeon must also show that he/she cleared the well described learning period that this method knows by having performed at least 50 to 100 of these procedures and in a relatively short period of time.
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If surgeons already lack this basic interest and determination then logically top quality can not be delivered either. Research shows that particularly the surgeons in their learning period make mistakes and account for low results. It spoke for itself when I with my own eyes could see that no Swedish orthopedic surgeons attended the conference on hip resurfacing in Ghent (Belgium) year 2012 and neither participated with the new conference in 2014, while all the other enthusiastic and experienced colleagues from the whole world were there! In Sweden there are none passionate of dedicated to the method and this shows in the obtained results, logically! Hesitation by a surgeon who starts with hip resufacing has a devastating effect and only casues problems. The advice that I would like to give surgeons in their learning period is: Commit yourself completely and become a real specialist in the method or don’t touch it at all if you are not prepared to do this! But don’t become the cause for big problems under us patients and cause the method needlessly also a bad name through your faults!

The data in the table is taken ferom the published annual reports of the Swedish Hip Registry . My recommendation to all those who realize the advantages of hip resurfacing is to find themselves a real specialist in this method. As the data down here indicates there is no such specialist in Sweden. The participants in our support forum Nordenshippies can help you with many of your questions before you make a decision in one or other direction.