A visit on my website usually generates new insights and more information than you have received from your doctors so far.

If this means that you have further questions then you are more than welcome to contact or visit me. Your questions can be of general or more specific character over hip problems, choice of prostheses, surgeons, comments or participation in our support group Nordens Hippies, questions about “when” or “where” our next meeting takes place or be about the wish for a consultation by email from one of the specialized surgeons in my network. I will always do my best to respond promptly.

Thanks for your attention.


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  • MR Tony Pimm

    Hi please can you tell me if i can have a hip resurfacing with ceramic.I have osteoathritis in my left hip.But iam a small framed man with a femoral head of 44mm. Iam 55 years old would i be suitable. Please reply. thankyou

  • Misha Ramassamy

    Dear Doctor,

    I hope that you are doing weel 🙂

    I’ve been checking you website because I’m looking for a ceramic hip resurfacing,

    I’m a male, 37 years old, living in Frankfurt am Main ( Germany ).
    I practice basketball ( not at professional level anymore ) and fitness.
    From what my doctor said, I have arthose in the right hip only due to a genetic condition.
    My goal at first is to have my mobility back again and if we can remove the pain it’s also welcome.

    I was looking for hip resurfacing but after all the issue I saw with MOM prothese I decide to avoid the operation.
    But then I found oud about the ceramic prothese.

    Two questions :

    – Can you operate someone who comes from outside Belgium ? If yes how does it work ?
    – How long can this type of prothese stays in the body ? I read between 15 and 40 years depending on some different websites…
    – After 15-40 years, what are the option to change ?

    I’m looking forward to read you,

    Best regards,

    Misha Ramassamy

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