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The orthopedic surgeons that start with hip resurfacing arthroplasty only reach the required level and experience after many years and once they perform the operation weekly and having previously helped many patients!

In most countries, like Sweden, the hip patients as well as the surgeons fail to recognize the fact that a hip resurfacing should only be placed by real hip resurfacing specialists. Not following this rule has already resulted in many prostheses that were not placed correct and straightaway or later caused problems. These unnecessary problems can completely unjust give the method resurfacing a lower reputation than it deserves. ortopeder
A patient who realizes the advantages of a hip resurfacing prosthesis and hopes to receive one should therefore demand the highest from the orthopedic surgeon and make sure that he is highly specialized in this method. You may expect that the surgeon has performed this specific operation hundreds of times and continues to use it weekly. From the qualifications that you require from the surgeon should the skill in and experience with the method have your highest priority. The physical distance to a specialized resurfacing surgeon should not be a determining factor, even if he happens to have his practice abroad from where you live.
If the surgeon who you initially consulted lacks the minimal qualities as described above then you should find yourself another surgeon. For a correct opinion of your possible candidature for hip resurfacing as well as the operation itself a real hip resurfacing specialist is definitely required.

The orthopedic surgeons that I recommend and show on my website meet the requirements explained above.
I myself was operated January 2007 by Dr. Koen De Smet in Belgium. The BHR prosthesis that I received behaves just as it should. I do everything that I also used to do long before my hip problems started and I do this without limitations. I would be pleased to help with advice.

Ron van Mierlo May 2015

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