A hip prosthesis, but which one would I prefer myself?

Hip prostheses are nowadays manufactured in many shapes, sizes and materials. If a hip prosthesis of any kind höftproteserreally is required it should clearly be that one that best suits you, that is the least invasive for the skeleton and causes the least changes in the body’s anatomical and mechanical properties. In that case it is logically the hip resurfacing prosthesis that you in the first place should consider. Please check the comparising further below, where you will quickly see what the advantages are of hip resurfacing. On my pages are many other advantages shown with hip resurfacing that orthopedic surgeons seldom inform us about. The degradation in quality of life that many people automatically associate with a hip prosthesis i general is no longer valid if you can get a hip resurfacing. So don’t satisfy yourself with less untill you first have been indicated by some real hip resurfacing specialists that your specific situation is not favourable for this type of prosthesis. This verdict should not be accepted from other surgeons!

In case that a hip resurfacing (like for example a BHR from Smith & Nephew) perhaps isn’t suitable for your particular hip problem you should not give up yet and and be persuaded into accpeting a conventional hip prosthesis. There are namely prostheses in between that from the body’s perspective are better and then in the first place comes the BMHR prosthesis (also from Smith & Nephew). höftproteser-2Don’t make any rushed decisions while you visit your surgeon but please go back home again and first weigh all that you have heard and been able to learn, also from my pages. Your are also welcome to participate in our forum Nordenshippies to discuss your questions with others that alreqdy have gone through this. If your problem is more specificly related to osteo-arthritis then you are also welecome in the new forum “Artroshjälpen“.

If you are more interested in the technical aspects of the traditional prosthesis and hip resurfacing then here are to start with some tables, mostly created by me. You are also welcome to contact me for more information.






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