Hip operation

Hip operation

When a hip operation no longer can be avoided and a hip prosthesis of some kind is required you should also know what the advantages for your future are with a hip resurfacing. At this stage the main requirement is confirmation from a (real) hip resurfacing specialist that you are regarded a candidate.

Hip prostheses are made by many different manufacturers with big differences in size, material and form but for the patients it often stays a question which one would be best. Under the subject Hip resurfacing you can see pictures of hip resurfacing prostheses of different manufacture.

Most of the time hip patients blindly follow their own surgeons in all that is recommended and planned for the hip operation. Without knowing what this all leads to and without having understood what all the choices are that we actually have as hip patients we are manipulated! For example: None of all the people with hip problems that I have been in contact with since 2006 has ever received been recommended by his/her own Swedish surgeon to ask the opinion of a foreign specialist in hip resurfacing. Swedish orthopedic surgeons do not admit that the knowledge, skill and experience of foreign colleagues in this area is higher. In particular where a hip operation with “hip resurfacing” or “hip resurfacing arthroplasty” is concerned this is true for all three points: knowledge, skill and experience!

Nearly everyone that contacts me about his or her hip problems reports about big shortcomings in the given information, faults in the assessment of the situation, incorrect indications about hip resurfacing or complete lack of information about hip resurfacing as alternative. Many persons are for the first time informed about hip resurfacing through my website, this is very sad knowing that they already consulted one or more surgeons!

This is not just a question about another prosthesis and minor differences but a hip resurfacing involves a range of big advantages that no other type of hip prosthesis offers. Please check the comparison between the two groups “hip resurfacing” and “traditional” on this page: Hip prostheses A common remark about hip resurfacing is that it will at least by you valuable time, even if for some unexpected reason the resurfacing would not last your whole live. After a hip resurfacing you can still get a traditional hip prosthesis as if this was your first prosthesis, but to select a traditional prosthesis right from the start and often completely needless is incredibly dumb! Yet the orthopedic surgeons (taking Holland and Sweden as example) do make us patients believe that we need a traditional hip prosthesis, on average 16.000 times each year! Probably all of those 16.000 people in Sweden and likewise in Holland have never even known about the hip resurfacing method and always woken up out of the anaesthetic with a traditional hip prosthesis!

But as I have written elsewhere, between hip resurfacing (with for example a BHR prosthesis) and a traditional THR prosthesis there is another type of prosthesis that has not received the required attention of the Swedish (and Dutch) surgeons either that it deserves and beats the traditional prosthesis on many fronts, namely BMHR (Birmingham Mid-Head Resection). Please contact me if you feel that your situation is beyond use of a BHR but might suit BMHR.

Do not blindly agree with a hip operation if you haven’t first investigated the ins and outs of the hip resurfacing method and its possible suitability in your situation!

Depending on the method you select the leg will look like this halfway through the operation: höftoperation