2010 New Anual Report from Arthroplasty Register

Unbelievable but nevertheless true: the new annual report from the Swedish Hip Registry over 2009 was published this week. Now the writers of the report bluntly conclude that women no longer should be advised a hip resurfacing, irrespective of their possibly good skeletal condition, suitable age and other important factors! This is wrong, wrong, wrong! An orthopaedic surgeon MUST always size up each patient and the specific parameters involved and not place a patient in a group and class them all unsuitable! Each patient should be taken seriously and be given a fair chance, this is now taken away from Swedish women, see: http://www.jru.orthop.gu.se/archive/AnnualReport-2009.pdf

The reader should understand that this report builts on the experiences and figures locally in Sweden, with surgeons that are not specialized on hip resurfacing but do it “on the side”. International research shows that specialized surgeons are required to deliver good results with hip resurfacing.

My advise to the guilt of Swedish surgeons is: Stimulate some of your surgeons to fully specialize on hip resurfacing and don’t allow the tampering of others and low results.

Meanwhile my advice to hip patients stays: Find yourself a specialized foreign surgeon if a resurfacing is wished, until the day that some real specialists are also found in Sweden.

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