New meeting in Örebro

New meeting in Örebro

The 13th of June and exactly a year since the last meeting all those with hip problems and previously operated people can meet others in the same or similar situation. Apart from the possibility to ask questions and discus problems, even a consultation is offered with the participating surgeon.

It will be of help to us hip patients when we are given the chance to meet and hear the experiences of others who have already gone through similar problems and perhaps have a hip operation behind them. This year, just as the previous two meetings, Dr. Raimund Völker from München will be the speaker but next year we will possibly have another surgeon.

All the questions on the costs for the meeting and the booking of the (free of charge) consultation time with Dr. Völker in the morning and afternoon the 13th of June are directed to me.

The program for the day and more information is found here: Meeting in Svampen in Örebro

Hope to meet you there!

Ron van Mierlo

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