Dr. Koen de Smet

Koen De Smet (Feb. 3, 1962)

Koen de Smet 3Dr. Koen De Smet is an orthopaedic & trauma surgeon, specialized in the hip resurfacing method and regarded one of the top 10 surgeons in this field in the world.




  • Graduated in Medicine in 1989 from the University of Ghent, Belgium
  • 1986-1987: research-assistant at the Orthopedic and Traumatologic Department of the Ghent St.Vincentius Hospital, Belgium
  • 1989-1990: General Surgery at the Rotherham District General Hospital, United Kingdom
  • 1990-1992: General Surgery at the St Jozef Hospital, Gentbrugge, Belgium 1992-1993: Orthopedics Heilig-Hart-Hospital,Tienen, Belgium
  • 1993-1995: Orthopedics and Traumatology University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium


  • Dr. De Smet is staff member of the General Hospital Jan Palfijn of Ghent and Director of the ANCA-Clinic
  • Expert domains:
  • Hip surgery: Hip Resurfacing, Total Hip Replacement and Revision Hip Surgery
  • Achievements:
  • Dr. De Smet reached 10.000 hip surgeries (primary and revision) in February 2018 of which half are hip resurfacing procedures
  • General:
  • Dr. De Smet is author/co-author of numerous scientific papers, has organized several international congresses on hip resurfacing and acts as a highly qualified training centre[hr]

Koen De Smet, MD

AMCKoen de Smet
Anca Medical Center Gent
Xavier De Cocklaan 68.1
9831 St.Martens Latem (Deurle)

Phone: +3292525903
Website: www.hip-clinic.com

Ancaclinic Rome
Valle Giulia ROMA Italy



Extra information: Dr. De Smet använder olika hip resurfacing proteser, bland annat BHR , Conserve Plus och sedan THR med ett stort keramiskt huvud.

17 kommentarer

  • Janne Holmén

    Dear Dr De Smet,

    I am a 43 year old man living in Sweden with arthrosis in my left hip. In 2016 I did arthroscopic surgery for CAM in the hip; pain disappeared but mobility remained low.

    I have a background as a professional marathon runner, I became European Champion in 2002 while representing Finland. I stopped my elite career in 2009 but have continued to excercise. However, the hip is inhibiting me as I have low mobility, sometimes pain and cannot run on hard sufaces or hilly terain. I also have problems lacing my shoes and cutting toenails because of low mobility.

    I have been getting physioterapy for the hip regularly for six months, but mobility have not really improved. It is difficult to lift the knee above 90 degrees. I

    After doing research for many years, I belive hip resurfacing would be the best option for me. I would like to know more regrding the possibilities to get this operation performed at your clinic.

    Best regards,
    Janne Holmén

  • Dan Renholm

    Hej Ron!
    Jag har artros i vänster höft och har senaste året blivit väldigt stel och orörlig i höftleden. När jag leker med barnbarnen på golvet så kommer jag snart inte upp utan hjälp, svårt att ta på strumpor, knyta skorna osv. trots att jag är ok tränad resten av kroppen då jag alltid hållit igång med träning.
    Jag tror på er metod och skulle vilja komma i kontakt med en klinik som skulle kunna hjälpa mig.
    Dahn Renholm

  • Marcus Edström

    Mitt namn är Marcus.
    Jag är intresserad och i behov av att få ett utlåtande av min högra höft av dr. De Smet.
    Jag har blivit rekommenderad och ”utdömt”
    att ta hand om höften.
    Jag skickar gärna bilder, beskriver hur jag har besvär och har för förhoppningar.

    Återkoppla mig på mailadress ovan eller mobil +46705805166

    Siten hip-clinic.com finns inte längre, varför?

    Mvh Marcus

  • Olle Törnblom

    Need a new right hip. Have booked surgery 22/2-22 in Stockholm but they dont do Your way. Need help Quick

    Mvh olle Törnblom

  • Haakan

    Dear Koen,

    What’s the procedure to investigate options for a hip replacement with MoM or CoC implant? I have flat xray picture that shows the status and am a man 188 cm tall.


  • Edward Barkman


    Jag skulle gärna villja komma i kontakt med er, Har ni någon email som man kan skicka till?


  • John Adams


    I had hip resurfacing by you over 15 years ago. I just had a test for cobalt in my blood stream with the result being

    Cobalt,bld,qn 8.5 when the standard is <=3.9

    Any comments? Should I be concerned?

    John Adams

  • Trevor Mckee

    Hi, I need to have my hip resurfaced. Could you give me an idea as to the costs involved? I live in Northern Ireland and this surgery isn’t available here.
    Thanks Trevor

  • Meredith Brown

    Hi! I reached my 20th anniversary for my BHR done by Dr. DeSmet in Ghent, Belgium, June 2003, when I was age 43. I came from Victoria, BC in Canada for the surgery. I just thought Dr. DeSmet might like to know how well I have done with my hip. I’ve been able to enjoy raising my 3 children, travel, work and enjoy so much without any pain. I’m so grateful to Dr. DeSmet!

  • Mattias Granat

    Hello Ron!

    A combination of genetics, many years of ice hockey, intense training, and age (born in 1976) has destroyed my left hip. A failed arthroscopic surgery exacerbated the incipient arthritis significantly, and during the rehabilitation phase, the cartilage disintegrated, leaving bone against bone. The only option for me in Sweden is to undergo a total hip replacement, which I am not inclined to do. I am not ready at all to cease proper training or move freely. I typically exercise every day and am in good shape. According to the surgeon I have spoken to, I should be a perfect candidate for hip resurfacing.

    How do I proceed? What is the waiting time? What are the costs? What happens after the operation (Follow-up appointments, Insurance coverage in case of any complications, etc.)?

    It’s absolutely fantastic that you have set up and maintain this site Ron <3

    Ha en fantastisk dag 🙂

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